About us

Musikselskabet Larmonien is a student orchestra at the University of Bergen. We were founded on the 21st February 1966, making us one of the oldest student orchestras in Bergen.

As an orchestra, we choose to focus on the joy of playing rather than skill, and we regard the social environment within the orchestra just as important as the musical skills of each member.

Our repertoire is broad and varied, and we play everything from pop and rock to film and folk music. We aim to replace a couple of songs each term, always keeping it fresh. Our members are mainly distributed across three instrument groups, namely brass, woodwinds and percussions, but we also welcome those who play other instruments.

Regular activities in our calendar (besides rehearsals) include concerts at Hulen, parties and social gatherings, cabin trips as well as the occasional gig here and there. We also play in the parade on the 17th May, which is always great fun. Around Christmas time we usually always do outdoor mini-concerts, where we play Christmas carols and aim to spread some Christmas spirit.

So if you think this sounds like a pleasant way to spend your Tuesday nights, come and join us on any of our rehearsals. We rehearse at Christies Gate 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Tuesday.

All inquiries can be sent to: larmonien@hotmail.com
Also, check us out on Facebook for more info and updates.